Dream + Map = Reality

Everything that exists was preceded by a MAP (Master Action Plan).
We have come to equip you to develop your personal MAP so that your dream can be a reality.


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MAP4LIFE Methodology

21 February 2015

In just five easy steps you can move from nowhere to somewhere. Let MAP4LIFE take you from where you are to where you want to be.

JOIN: Become a Member, Friend or Follower

20 February 2015

Joining the MAP4LIFE™ Institute gives you access to additional information, keeps you informed of news and events, provides inspiration through subscription services and allows you to participate in different ways, business or charitable.

ENGAGE: Launch MAP4LIFE™ in your City

20 February 2015

It is an honour to have you read this information as it shows that you have the passion to equip people to LIVE PURPOSEFULLY.